Congregational Care/Lay Shepherds

Congregational Care/Lay Shepherds

Lay Shepherds are committed individuals in our Houghton Wesleyan Church congregation who offer and coordinate care-giving for those who have special needs within our congregation and neighborhoods. Lay Shepherds work closely with the Pastoral staff and provide support to families in times of crisis. Lay Shepherds coordinate occasional neighborhood get-togethers. Each Lay Shepherding group hosts one church-wide fellowship event each year, such as an ice cream social. If you have a need, please feel free to contact the pastoral staff or the lay shepherd coordinator, Denise Campbell, for your geographic neighborhood.  

Lay Shepherd Coordinator: Denise Campbell (585) 610-3098 / 567-4861 

Lay Shepherd Leaders

Belfast/Caneadea/Rushford:  *Tom & Laurie Machamer; Italo & Cassandra Riquelme

Campus Heights:  *Dan & Kathy Moore; Jan Schilke

Centerville Road:  *Jessica Wartinger; Stacy Strickland

Fancher Heights/Luckey/Meadow Ln: *Tracy & Terry Paige

Fillmore/Nunda:  *Connie Smith; Paulette Schierer

Park/Forest:  *Jane Buteyn; Julie Haingray; Alicia Mucher

Route 19:  **Laura Sisson; ** Elizabeth & Vali Ciobanu

Seymour/Thayer:  *Doug & Phyllis Gaerte; Kathie Brenneman

Tucker Hill:  * Andrea Boon; Josie & Doyin Adenuga

Lay Shepherds without borders (moved but staying part of the team!) Michael & Emily Spateholts; Bekah Brennan


*Denotes Primary Lay Shepherd.  *Primary lay shepherd should be contacted first when possible /** co-lay shepherds

Lay Shepherd Coordinator: Denise Campbell (585) 610-3098 / 567-4861 


Fellowship Events

  • August 25 Welcome Potluck Picnic (5 p.m.)
  • December 15 (5 p.m.) Christmas Cookie Reception
  • April 12 (8:30 a.m.) Easter Breakfast
  • June 2 (5 p.m.) Ice Cream Social


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