Welcome to Houghton Wesleyan Church

September 27, you are invited to come to the church sanctuary for the streamed service that begins at 10:00. Overflow space is also available in the church gym. You are also invited to the Sunday Morning Outside Service 11:15 on the church lawn & parking lot. Please note that the sanctuary indoor service registration has two options: A group of 1-2 people and a group of 3-5 people. If your group is larger than the equivalent of 5 adults, then you will need to reserve two spaces. Please note that everyone age 3 and older is required to wear a mask while in the building.

Pastoral Staff

Director of Children’s Ministries

Emily Spateholts

Sunday Ministries and Valley Preschool
Director of Children’s Ministries

Ann McNeill

Wednesday Kids’ Club, Library, RFKC, Cradle Roll
Director of College Ministries

Andrew Silbert

New Sermons

Location Details

9712 NY-19 (P.O. Box 127) Houghton, NY 14744