Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens




(formerly Houghton Area Senior Citizens)

The Houghton Area Young at Heart group from northern Allegany County meet monthly on the second Thursday  for fellowship, food, and an interesting program—sometimes music, sometimes a travelogue, sometimes local color, sometimes valuable information—always interesting.

September 12 – Experiences of an Artist    Professor Gary Baxter

  • Gary retired last year from Houghton’s Art Department after over 40 years. With wide interests in visual arts and crafts especially ceramics, furniture and architecture, Gary will share his journey in these areas since retirement enhanced with slides of many projects. He may also report on witnessing a mini-tornado (micro-burst) up close.

 October 10 – Choosing Medical options      Gudy Stevenson

  • Gudy will share from her extensive experience dealing with making later in life medical choices. She will discuss Medicare, health insurance and other senior finance decisions and introduce the necessary paperwork.

 November 14 – Drugs and Your Brain       Professor Paul Young

  • Dr. Young will discuss the brain changing effects of misused drugs, the dangers of addiction and what we as users of medical treatment alternatives can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We will meet in the Houghton College dining hall at noon for lunch followed by the program.   Reservations are required in advance of this date.

 December 12 – New Horizons Music program   Diane Emmons

  • New Horizons Music began over 20 years ago in Rochester, NY, is a program designed for people “chronologically gifted” (over the age of 50) to provide opportunities for ensemble music-making and socialization. Even beginners are welcome! Join us to hear some Christmas music and hear more about what is happening locally in New Horizons.

 January 15 or 22 – Financial Planning   Professor Richard Halberg

  • Retired Houghton Business Department professor Dick Halberg will guide us through some of the complex financial decisions leading to and into retirement. Choices and resulting tax consequences will be discussed.                           

February 13 – Staying in Your Own Home   Jan Schilke and Becky Hutton

  • Jan and Becky will share what they have learned firsthand in caring for folks who desire to stay in their own homes as long as they are physically and emotionally able to do so.

 March 12 – Musical Performance   Greatbatch School of Music

  • Greatbatch musicians and their instructors will bring us a program designed to entertain us and showcase the many musical talents of the group members.

 April 16 – War Propaganda    Professor Douglas Gaerte

  • A successful war effort requires persuasion, whether it’s convincing citizens to enlist as soldiers, buy the war bonds required to fund the military efforts, or save on food and raw materials needed to supply the military.  Today’s program explores how those persuasive messages are presented in war time, focusing especially on US war propaganda from WW1and WW2.

 May 14 -A Day at The Park   Letchworth Park

  • We will carpool to Charcoal Corral for lunch and then enter the park at the Castile entrance. No entry fee for NY drivers or passengers. We will gather at the Nature Center where a park ranger will present a program of park history, available facilities and programs, and introduce the Nature Center. After the lecture you are free to explore the park (voted #1 in the nation) as you wish.

 June 11 or close date – Baseball Game   Genesee Rapids

  • We will have our usual carry in lunch augmented with grilled hot dogs and associated condiments. Throw an extra potato in the pot as we will be hosting approximately 35 Rapids Base Ball Team members and their coaches. This is our chance to meet these fine young men up close and personal. Then in the evening, attendance at a Rapids home game is free for the Young at Heart group.

Questions or reservations:

  • Daryl Stevenson 716-397-6864
  • or Ken Gaerte 585-567-8522


  • Daryl Stevenson, Leader
  • Ken Gaerte, Program Coordinator
  • Don Barber, Treasurer
  • Jill Schmidt, Dining Host
  • Becky Baines, Community Room Arrangements
  • Others as needed from time-to-time, including volunteers

New members age 55+ are always welcome, including all caregivers.