Sermons from March 2022

Sermons from March 2022

The Judgment of the Cross

The season of Lent provides us with an opportunity to think more fully on the cross. Because we are tempted to move away from the cross, may our worship today help us to see the cross in all of its fullness so that we might see ourselves in its light. And in this revelation, surrender ourselves to Christ who dies for the whole world.

The Magnetism of the Cross

The season of Lent is a time for reflection and action as we ponder the death of Jesus. These 40 days lead us through the deserts and valleys of life and through the peaks and joys of life. On this Third Sunday in Lent, we remember the depths of God’s love for us in Christ. May our worship help us to focus on our need and on his grace.

The Scandal of the Cross

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 The season of Lent is an historic time for reflection, repentance and surrender in the shadow of the cross as we prepare ourselves, individually and corporately, for the death and resurrection of Christ. As we reflect on our sin and on God’s grace through Jesus Christ, let us contemplate our response to Jesus our Redeemer.