The Shadow of the Cross

The Shadow of the Cross

The Cross Casts a Shadow on God

On this day when we celebrate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem amid the cheers and adulation of the crowd, we are reminded that by the end of the week he will be jeered and nailed to a cross. As we worship God with our songs and words, with our mouths and ears, with our hearts and minds, let us open ourselves to our loving Father.

The Cross Casts a Shadow on Our Vision

On this Fifth Sunday in Lent, we gather in gratitude for the cross and for all that the death of Jesus Christ means for us and for the world. As we contemplate Christ’s sacrifice for us, let us give thanks and worship Him with all of our hearts.

The Cross Casts its Shadow on Our Lives

The season of Lent is a time for reflection and action as we ponder the death of Jesus. These 40 days lead us through the deserts and valleys of life and through the peaks and joys of life. On this fourth Sunday in Lent, we remember that depths of God’s love for us in Christ.